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Hybrid Teaching and Learning Certificate

The Hybrid Teaching and Learning Certificate is designed for faculty, graduate students, and instructors who want to learn more about developing and teaching a hybrid course. The short articles, tips, and templates may be used by first-timers or those with more course development experience looking to modify an existing course. Faculty who created online or remote components during the pandemic may be particularly interested in repurposing these for hybrid delivery.

We focus on creating a flipped hybrid learning experience for students. What this usually means is that faculty will create prerecorded lectures for students to view online before coming to class and then, facilitate practical activities during class that might otherwise have been assigned for homework, hence flipping the traditional classroom model into a hybrid learning experience.

In this course, we introduce four areas for you to consider:

  1. Understanding what hybrid delivery entails,
  2. Key things to keep in mind when designing a hybrid course,
  3. The mechanics involved in building or modifying an existing course, and
  4. Suggestions for enhancing student engagement in multiple modalities.

We also include interviews with a few faculty who are teaching in different hybrid formats.


Participants will complete five asynchronous modules with required assignments, culminating in a fully built module for a hybrid course.

Shareable Certificate and Badge


A badge and certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the Hybrid Teaching and Learning Certificate to share on the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on your resume, CV, or other documents.