Celebration of College Teaching Awards
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27th Annual Celebration of College Teaching Awards

We celebrate the many instructors who went above and beyond their regular teaching duties to earn a CITL teaching certificate. These teachers engaged in many activities that may include: teaching students at Illinois, having their teaching observed by a mentor, collecting and responding to student feedback on their teaching, exploring the literature on teaching & learning, attending teaching & learning workshops, creating original teaching & learning work, and engaging in reflective practices.

Certificate in Foundations of Teaching

The Certificate in Foundations of Teaching provides an opportunity for those with less than two semesters of classroom teaching experience to explore teaching and become better prepared for the responsibilities of an academic setting.

Alexander M. Fliflet Kinesiology & Community Health
Alexander Michels Informatics, GGIS
Alice A Oloo Kinesiology & Community Health
Ana Laura Selzer Ninomiya Kinesiology & Community Health
Babatope Ayokunle Ogunjesa Kinesiology & Community Health
Benjamin M Campbell Kinesiology & Community Health
Briley Lenkaitis Agricultural & Consumer Economics
Britni Moore Linguistics
Daniela Pedraza Novak Business Administration
Der-Ting Huang Business Administration
Elena Maria Zannoni Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering
Emily Harrington Speech and Hearning Science
Emma Lundin Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Fatou Hadim Jobe Sociology
Gabrielle Ryan Strittmater Kinesiology & Community Health
Jingya You Business Administration
Jonathan R. Oliveira Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Jonathan Ruwuya Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Lance Warwick Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Mahbubeh Moqadam Sociology and WGS
Mimi Trinh Kinesiology & Community Health
Mojtaba Khaliji Kinesiology & Community Health
Nicholas Skorin Kinesiology & Community Health
Nicolette Smith-Suchon Kinesiology & Community Health
Pallav Ranjan Civil & Environmental Engineering
Qianyi (Sinyee) Lu Sociology
Rebecca C Bishop Veterinary Clinical Medicine & Comparative Biosciences
Rebekah Bosley Speech & Hearning Science
Riley Vesto Electrical & Computer Engineering
Seung-Jin Cho Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Shi Qiu Business Administration
Shivali Banerjee Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Stephanie Fu Lai Kinesiology & Community Health
Sungjai Hong Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Thaís Karine de Lima Rezende Materials Research Laboratory
Xin Du Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Xue Yan Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Xueze Song Business Administration
Yuliana Soto Kinesiology & Community Health
Ziwei Li Kinesiology & Community Health

Graduate Teacher Certificate

The Graduate Teacher Certificate is designed to help TAs develop teaching skills and reflective practice by providing them with opportunities to document their teaching experience, professional development, and constructive use of student feedback.

Abigail Stocker Economics
Alana Ackerman Anthroplogy
Alex Kogen Accountancy
Alexandra Nicole Schneeberger Germanic Languages & Literatures
Alina Dorion Music
Anamelechi FALASY Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Aravind Baby Materials Science & Engineering
Elena (Yujie) Pu East Asian Languages and Cultures
Emily R. Whitmer Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
Frederick Pardoe Physics
Hilal Karakorkmaz ESL Program, Linguistics
Izaro Bedialauneta Txurruka Spanish & Portuguese
James Ewing Philosophy
Ji Soo Yoo Political Science
Jillian Keng ESL Program, Linguistics
Katie VanDyne Spanish & Portuguese
Lindsay F. Kelpinski Communication
Lorena Fabiana Alarcon Spanish & Portuguese
Madison McCann ESL Program, Linguistics
Margaret Verrico Astronomy
Maria Siskaki Mathematics
Mikako Masuda ESL Program, Linguistics
Mingyeong Kim Music and EALC
Ogulcan Durmaz ESL Program, Linguistics
Puja Roy Atmospheric Science
Qinglin Luan Communication; East Asian Languages and Cultures
Rachel Elizabeth Schaaf Chemistry
Rosana Alejandra Gómez-Cayapú ESL Program, Linguistics
Sana Saboowala Anthroplogy; Integrative Biology
Sarah Ann Philip Kinesiology & Community Health
Sarah Maria Hagen Physics
Seongjoon Ahn Political Science
Shiyu Sun Educational Psychology
Siddhanth Sabharwal Statistics
Silvia Murgia Speech and Hearing Science
Suhyeon Lee ESL Program, Linguistics
Tankya Shukla Geography & Geographic Information Science
Temirlan Shilikbay Cell and Developmental Biology
Tzu-Kun Hsiao School of Information Sciences
Uliana Ovsiannikova ESL Program, Linguistics

Dr. Sandra J. Finley Teacher Scholar Certificate

The Teacher Scholar Certificate encourages instructors to become scholars of teaching by providing a structured process for the exploration of pedagogy from a  discipline-based perspective.

Aravind Baby Materials Science & Engineering
Lily Arias School of Integrative Biology
Martin Gumus ESL Program, Linguistics
Sarah M Zehr Gantz Education Policy, Organization & Leadership
Seung Byum Seo Computer Science
Sihui Ma Food Science and Human Nutrition

Certificate in Technology Enhanced Teaching

The Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching encourages instructors
to explore educational technologies and to practice and assess technology-enhanced teaching.

Dani Nyikos English
Martin Gumus ESL Program, Linguistics
Michelle L. Farley Anthropology
Weston Morrow English
Yuerong Hu School of Information Sciences

Master Course in Online Teaching

CITL's Master Course in Online Teaching (MCOT) is a deep dive into online teaching strategies that asks participants to go further than ever before in applying evidence-based teaching to their online practice. Participants work in a small cohort to explore course design, learning communities, best teaching practices, and student motivation by engaging with resources from online teaching experts here at Illinois and around the world. The relationship of these topics to issues of accessibility, technology, and online teaching standards are examined throughout the course.

Sabrina Abdulla
Seongjoon Ahn
Daniel Almanza
Jenny Amos
Falasy Anamelechi
Moraes Lessa Antonio Carlos
Olivia Campos Coiado
(Cindy) Kher Xing Chan
Janith Chandrasoma
Leyla Cooper
Meg Cornell
Karl Eid
Brenda Garcia
Yuerong Hu

Jill Huang
Wonjin Jeong
Fatma Kadayifci
Madina Khamzina
Sydney McKee
(Hannah) Dahhea Min
Allison O'Dwyer
Portelli Raechel
Widya Ramadhani
James Steur
Ailuna Utegenova
Mae Vogel
Tine Walczyk
Rui Wei
Niranga Wickramarathne
Gaukhar Yersultanova
Yidan Zhou

Citizen Scholar Certificate

The Citizen Scholar Certificate encourages instructors to explore and participate in the scholarship of engagement and provides opportunities for instructors to contribute to a community of practice that supports service-learning pedagogy and civic engagement.

Elizabeth Coder Education Policy, Organization & Leadership



Teaching Honors

Many of you have been included on the "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students" and we congratulate you. 
The following list is by self-report and may not be complete. 

Alana Ackerman
Seongjoon Ahn
Lorena Fabiana Alarcon
Anamelechi FALASY
Aravind Baby
Izaro Bedialauneta Txurruka
Rebecca C Bishop
Elizabeth Coder
Meg Cornell
Alina Dorion
Ogulcan Durmaz
James Ewing
Michelle L. Farley
Alexander M. Fliflet
Rosana Alejandra Gómez-Cayapú
Martin Gumus
Sarah Maria Hagen
Emily Harrington
Fatou Hadim Jobe
Fatma Zehra Kadayifci
Hilal Karakorkmaz
Lindsay F. Kelpinski
Jillian Keng
Mingyeong Kim
Alex Kogen
Suhyeon Lee

Qinglin Luan
Madison McCann
Britni Moore
Mahbubeh Moqadam
Weston Morrow
Silvia Murgia
Dani Nyikos
Babatope Ayokunle Ogunjesa
Uliana Ovsiannikova
Sarah Ann Philip
Elena (Yujie) Pu
Widya Aulia Ramadhani
Pallav Ranjan
Puja Roy
Siddhanth Sabharwal
Rachel Elizabeth Schaaf
Alexandra Nicole Schneeberger
Ana Laura Selzer Ninomiya
Tankya Shukla
Nicolette Smith-Suchon
Abigail Stocker
Gabrielle Ryan Strittmater
Shiyu Sun
Katie VanDyne
Margaret Verrico
Emily R. Whitmer
Ji Soo Yoo

Awards from Department or College

The following individuals received awards from their department or college in recognition of their teaching and service, and we commend you for this honor. This list is based on self-report and may not be complete.

Aravind Baby Racheff Teaching Fellow
Martin Gumus Professional Development Grant
Fatma Zehra Kadayifci Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Mingyeong Kim Best Korean TA (Spring 2023)
Mikako Masuda 2022 Mary A. Hussey Award for Excellence in ESL Teaching
Dani Nyikos Rhetoric Program Award for Excellence in Writing Instruction in the Specialized Faculty
Puja Roy Departmnet of Atmospheric Sciences Ogura Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Abigail Stocker Robert E. Demarest Memorial Teaching Award
Katie VanDyne LAS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants

A Note from CITL:

We appreciate the friends, family members, and university colleagues who are sharing in our celebration of the certificate recipients. We would also like to acknowledge the many individuals who support the development of teaching excellence on campus. Their contributions include assisting in the pre-semester training of TAs, mentoring TAs in their teaching responsibilities, and guiding TAs through the certificate process.