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Teaching Consultation

Here is an opportunity to have a tailored, individualized consultation with an expert to explore best practices on ways to enhance your teaching effectiveness and improve your student learning across all types of courses and students. We will observe your class, review your instructional materials, help you collect and interpret student feedback, and introduce you to new and exciting technologies and pedagogies. We meet with all instructors: faculty, TAs, academic professionals, and post-docs.

Examples of areas we can help you are:


    Teaching and learning are inextricably connected. When we think about ways to improve our teaching effectiveness, we should always look at how and why our students’ learning is impacted. Our teaching approaches, strategies, and beliefs affect what our students will know, feel, or be able to do. We can help you identify and implement effective and creative ways in which to create an effective learning environment.


    You may have heard that your colleagues have implemented experiential or problem-based learning, or flipped their classes, or decided to make their lectures more interactive. There are many strategies and pedagogies to choose from and how do you know which ones are most effective?  We can explore these pedagogies with you and assist you in implementing strategies to best motivate your students and improve their learning.


    An effective learning environment can go beyond the pedagogies and strategies you use.  Where you teach and the tools you use can contribute to your teaching effectiveness.  We can introduce you to emerging technologies and help you maximize opportunities in our new classroom spaces.


Beyond individual consultations, you can join your colleagues in learning communities to share and discuss important and relevant teaching and learning areas.  You can join a reading group or attend one of our workshop series. We can help you document your commitment and efforts through a teaching philosophy statement, a teaching certificate, or a teaching portfolio.