Illinois Summer Teaching Institute 2022
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Canvas Summer Training Program

The Office of the Provost is excited to announce our 2022 Illinois Summer Teaching Institute, a chance for faculty to review good practice, collaborate with colleagues and receive hands-on training. This year’s institute is a two-session event for faculty and teaching assistants, entitled Canvas Summer Training Program. The first session is an opportunity for instructors new to Canvas to become acquainted with the platform. Session 2 offers current and experienced users (including those who completed Session 1) the chance to become more proficient and learn advanced features and tools. 

Upon completing the training, participants will receive compensation for their time and effort. Faculty will receive up to $1,000 ($500 per session), and TAs will receive up to $500 ($250 per session). Intermediate Canvas Training participants will also earn digital badges for course completions.

Session 1: Beginner Canvas Training

  • For: Instructors who haven’t moved their courses from Compass or Moodle, haven’t taught in Canvas yet, or need one-to-one help moving their course to Canvas
  • When: May 16 – 27
  • Compensation requirements: Must complete one of the following: attend a campus workshop; work with a campus consultant; or complete the Canvas 101 course AND build at least two modules in a new Canvas space.
  • Topics:
    • Campus-led workshops (60 minutes each)
      • Cleaning up a K16 migrated course
      • Manual migration from Compass to Canvas
      • Manual migration for Moodle to Canvas
      • Building a new course in Canvas from scratch
      • Exporting your quizzes and gradebook data from old Compass courses
    • Instructure-led workshops (60 minutes each)
      • Assignments in Canvas
      • Creating Assessments
      • Quiz Basics
      • Course Settings and Sharing
      • Gradebook and Speed grader
      • Course Communication Tools
      • Leveraging Modules
      • Course Design Considerations
    • Other options
      •  Complete the Canvas 101 online course
      • 1-on-1 Canvas consult

Session 2: Intermediate Canvas Training

  • For: Intermediate or advanced users who want to dig into Canvas’ functionality
  • When: May 31 – June 10
  • Compensation requirements: Must complete at least four training sessions/workshops
  • Topics: 
    • Campus-led workshops (60 minutes each)
      • UDL in Canvas
      • Turnitin
      • Kaltura integration
      • Digital integration
      • Large enrollment course management
      • Active learning with Canvas
    • Instructure-led workshops (60 minutes each)
      • Analytics
      • Using the Speed grader
      • Assignments and the Gradebook
      • Groups and Peer Review
    • Other Options
      • 1-on-1 Canvas consult

Due to space limitations, instructors must be nominated by their college in order to attend. Colleges must provide a list of faculty and teaching assistants to our office by April 29. If you are interested in participating in the 2022 Canvas Summer Training Program, please reach out to your college or department for more information. 

We look forward to working with many of you this summer!