Celebration of College Teaching Awards
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28th Annual Celebration of College Teaching Awards

We celebrate the many instructors who went above and beyond their regular teaching duties to earn a CITL teaching certificate. These teachers engaged in many activities that may include: teaching students at Illinois, having their teaching observed by a mentor, collecting and responding to student feedback on their teaching, exploring the literature on teaching & learning, attending teaching & learning workshops, creating original teaching & learning work, and engaging in reflective practices.

Certificate in Foundations of Teaching

The Certificate in Foundations of Teaching provides an opportunity for those with less than two semesters of classroom teaching experience to explore teaching and become better prepared for the responsibilities of an academic setting.



Rohit Mattur Ananthanarayana Speech and Hearing Science
Michelle Blood Checketts Business Administration
Keyana Diaz Kinesiology and Community Health
Maryam Fakhari Kinesiology and Community Health
Daniela Carolina Fanta Alarcon Speech and Hearning Science
Jenna Ann Fesemyer Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Katherine M. Hatzis Chemistry
Isabela Luisa Hernandez Sociology
Yi-Heng Huang Kinesiology and Community Health
Benjamin Jasperson Mechanical Science & Engineering
Minsook Kim Kinesiology and Community Health
Sohyeon Kim Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Chia Hao Lin Kinesiology and Community Health
Ruichun Liu Business Administration
Yuqing Mao Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ammarah Mashhood Health and Kinesiology
Diana Morales Kinesiology and Community Health
Casey Moran Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Shohgo Motoyama Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Charles Nudelman Speech and Hearing Science
Sylvia A. Okon Kinesiology and Community Health
Junbeom Park Gies College of Business
Serah Pauly Kinesiology and Community Health
Tracy Preza Speech and Hearing Science
Naveenkumar Ramaraju Business Administration
Zachary A. Russell Recreation, Sport & Tourism
Nima Safaei Business Administration
Md Refat Uz Zaman Sajib Kinesiology and Community Health
Vitor Siqueira Kinesiology and Community Health
Vaishnavi Sridharan Health and Kinesiology
Dachun Sun Computer Science
Lisa Surber-Cunningham Evolution, Ecology, & Behavior
Kshitij Tewari Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Xin Wang Business Administration
Zhaonan Wang Geography & Geographic Information Science
Wan Wen Kinesiology and Community Health
Tanner Wheat Health and Kinesiology
Evelyn Wiseman Library and Information Science
Kaiyue Zhang Applied Health Sciences
Peng Zhang Kinesiology and Community Health
Zan Zupancic Kinesiology and Community Health

Graduate Teacher Certificate

The Graduate Teacher Certificate is designed to help TAs develop teaching skills and reflective practice by providing them with opportunities to document their teaching experience, professional development, and constructive use of student feedback.



Lydia Socorro Alvarez EPOL, Department of Latino/a Studies
Anjana Asokakumar Molecular and Integrative Physiology; MCB
Arezoo Ataollahi ESL Program, Linguistics
Yue Bao Economics
Vinisha Singh Basnet Urban and Regional Planning
Malia Berg Animal Sciences
Sara Castro Cantú Spanish & Portuguese
Marissa Chase Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Angela Elizabeth Dean Nutritional Sciences
Devin Edmonds Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Jennie Carolina Gardner Psychology
Matthew Georgiou Microbiology
Do Young Gong Political Science
Kellie Halloran Mechanical Science & Engineering
Yuerong Hu School of Information Sciences
Seung-Uk Huh Political Science
Sungtae Hwang ESL Program, Linguistics
Amos Jeng Educational Psychology
Yaswanth Sai Jetti Mechanical Science and Engineering
Aditya Karan Computer Science
Charlotte Lambert Computer Science
Cory J. Lemke ESL Program, Linguistics
Anna Yan Liu College of Media
Shraddha Maitra Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Dorothy Wausi Maweu ESL Program, Linguistics
Helen Mugo ESL Program, Linguistics
Frederick Nyanzu Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Melany D. Opolz Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Daniela Díaz Pope Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Mrittika Anan Rahman Communication
Raihan Rahman ESL Program, Linguistics
Faizan Rashid Cell & Developmental Biology
Arielle Reich Anthropology
Aggie Rieger Psychology
Vijay Shah Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Joanna Grace Shaw Anthropology
Ivan Sosa Marquez Molecular and Cellular Biology
Anastasiia Stroganova ESL Program, Linguistics
Arman Tekinalp Mechanical Science and Engineering
Thanaphan Thapthimhin ESL Program, Linguistics
Elif Varlik ESL Program, Linguistics
Kayla Vittore Crop Sciences
Søren Warland Political Science
Yasintorn Wongwoottisaroch Mathematics
Xinru Yan Educational Psychology
Nan Yi Music, Composition and Theory
Eda Yildirimer ESL Program, Linguistics
Lingxi Zhao Music

Dr. Sandra J. Finley Teacher Scholar Certificate

The Teacher Scholar Certificate encourages instructors to become scholars of teaching by providing a structured process for the exploration of pedagogy from a  discipline-based perspective.

Seongjoon Ahn Political Science
Sarah R. Hind* Crop Sciences
Yuerong Hu School of Information Sciences
Aditya Karan Computer Science
Elena (Yujie) Pu East Asian Languages and Cultures
Tanya Shukla Geography and Geographic Information Science
Søren Warland Political Science
Ji Soo Yoo Political Science

*Faculty - replace Wojtek with Kevin as signator

Certificate in Technology Enhanced Teaching

The Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching encourages instructors
to explore educational technologies and to practice and assess technology-enhanced teaching.

Tech-Enhanced Certificate


Jonathan Pye Spanish & Portuguese
Ji Soo Yoo Political Science

*Faculty - replace Wojtek with Kevin as signator

Master Course in Online Teaching

CITL's Master Course in Online Teaching (MCOT) is a deep dive into online teaching strategies that asks participants to go further than ever before in applying evidence-based teaching to their online practice. Participants work in a small cohort to explore course design, learning communities, best teaching practices, and student motivation by engaging with resources from online teaching experts here at Illinois and around the world. The relationship of these topics to issues of accessibility, technology, and online teaching standards are examined throughout the course.

Zhulduz Abiyeva
Nurken A. Aubakir
Nancy Averett
Jessica Carter
Sara Castro Cantu
Aizhan Daukenova
Pankaj Amrut Desai
Yan Yi Lance Du
Indira Dyussekeneva
Mergen Dyussenov
Breanna Escamilla
Marta L. Flores
Guzal Galiakbarova
Jesann Gonzalez Cruz
Yaqing He
Incheol Jang
Shelly Johnson
Coyle Joseph
Terry Kasdan
Botagoz Khamzina
Gyudae Kim
Colleen King

Sharon Lee
Agnes Millimouno
Eva Miszoglad
Robles Granda Pablo
Jonathan Pye
Isaiah Raynal
Yvonne Gonzales Redman
Agnes Rieger
Manuel Rodriguez
Nurgul Saparkhojayeva
Madina Serik
Tapiwa Sigauke
Aidana Sirgebayeva
Katryna Starks
Gabrielle Strittmater
Søren Warland
Melanie Wiscount
Mina Woo
Ji Soo Yoo
Hany Zayed
Sanim Zhanbyrbayeva

Teaching in the Hybrid Classroom Certificate

Izaro Bedialauneta Txurruka
Crystal Bonano
Grace Fan
Jesann Marie Gonzalez Cruz
Rachel Hoopsick
Yuerong Hu
Incheol Jang
Yanling Liu
Elizabeth A. Luckman
Eva Isabella Miszoglad
Jonathan Pye
Mina Woo
Sanim Zhanbyrbayeva

Teaching Honors

Many of you have been included on the "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students" and we congratulate you. 
The following list is by self-report and may not be complete. 

Lydia Socorro Alvarez
Rohit Mattur Ananthanarayana
Yue Bao
Vinisha Singh Basnet
Malia Berg
Crystal Bonano
Sara Castro Cantú
Marissa Chase
Michelle Blood Checketts
Angela Elizabeth Dean
Keyana Diaz
Devin Edmonds
Breanna Escamilla
Grace Fan
Kellie Halloran
Sarah R. Hind
Rachel Hoopsick
Yuerong Hu
Seung-Uk Huh
Benjamin Jasperson
Amos Jeng
Aditya Karan
Terry Kasdan
Minsook Kim
Cory J. Lemke

Elizabeth A. Luckman
Melany D. Opolz
Tracy Preza
Elena (Yujie) Pu
Jonathan Pye
Arielle Reich
Aggie Rieger
Nima Safaei
Vijay Shah
Joanna Grace Shaw
Tapiwa Sigauke
Aidana Sirgebyeva
Ivan Sosa Marquez
Vaishnavi Sridharan
Katryna Starks
Anastasiia Stroganova
Lisa Surber-Cunningham
Kayla Vittore
Søren Warland
Xinru Yan
Nan Yi
Eda Yildirimer
Hany Zayed
Lingxi Zhao

Awards from Department or College

The following individuals received awards from their department or college in recognition of their teaching and service, and we commend you for this honor. This list is based on self-report and may not be complete.

Seongjoon Ahn LAS Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant
Anjana Asokakumar John G. and Evelyn Hartman Heiligenstein Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award; James E. and Maxine S. Heath Award
Angela Elizabeth Dean MCB Outstanding TA Award
Keyana Diaz Karin A. Rosenblatt Community Health Graduate Scholarship Award
Yaswanth Sai Jetti Graduate Teaching Fellow
Elizabeth A. Luckman Department of Business Administration Teaching Award
Yvonne Gonzales Redman Faculty award for Excellence in Research
Lisa Surber-Cunningham Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Vittore Gerald O. Mott Award

A Note from CITL:

We appreciate the friends, family members, and university colleagues who are sharing in our celebration of the certificate recipients. We would also like to acknowledge the many individuals who support the development of teaching excellence on campus. Their contributions include assisting in the pre-semester training of TAs, mentoring TAs in their teaching responsibilities, and guiding TAs through the certificate process.