Celebration of College Teaching Awards
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26th Annual Celebration of College Teaching Awards

We celebrate the many instructors who went above and beyond their regular teaching duties to earn a CITL teaching certificate. These teachers engaged in many activities that may include: teaching students at Illinois, having their teaching observed by a mentor, collecting and responding to student feedback on their teaching, exploring the literature on teaching & learning, attending teaching & learning workshops, creating original teaching & learning work, and engaging in reflective practices.

Certificate in Foundations of Teaching

The Certificate in Foundations of Teaching provides an opportunity for those with less than two semesters of classroom teaching experience to explore teaching and become better prepared for the responsibilities of an academic setting.

Anthony Cerreta Veterinary Clinical Medicine
Shih-Chun (Daniel) Chin Business Administration
Grace Clements Psychology
Maria Cox Integrative Biology; Anthropology
Thomas DeBerge Business Administration
Michelle L. Farley Anthropology
Taylor Danielle Ferguson Animal Sciences
Mayank Garg Materials Science & Engineering
Yafei Guo Business Administration
Shuai Hao Business Administration
Valerie Isakova Business Administration
Sahoon Kim Business Administration
Kimberly Larsen Information Sciences
Hyewon Ma Business Administration
Chamteut Oh Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jinah Ryu Business Administration
Niranga M. Wickramarathne Crop Sciences
Weiliang Zhang Business Administration
Wonjin Jeong Recreation, Sport, & Tourism
Byron Juma Recreation, Sport, & Tourism
Laura Marcela Quintero Silva Kinesiology & Community Health
Megan A. Bayles Kinesiology & Community Health
Etienne Fields Recreation, Sport, & Tourism
Rifat Binte Alam Kinesiology & Community Health 
Sarah Ragab Kinesiology & Community Health
Takeshi Barnes Kinesiology & Community Health 
Kenneth Miller Kinesiology & Community Health
Sadia Anjum Ashrafi Kinesiology & Community Health
Shelby Keye Kinesiology & Community Health 
Darrien Watson Recreation, Sport, & Tourism 
Anne E. Danbury Kinesiology & Community Health 
Mina Woo Recreation, Sport, & Tourism 
Cai Zhang Kinesiology & Community Health
Youngjoon Kim Kinesiology & Community Health 
Xingxing Wu Recreation, Sport, & Tourism
Jake Simms Recreation, Sport, & Tourism 
Sungjae Hong Kinesiology & Community Health 

Graduate Teacher Certificate

The Graduate Teacher Certificate is designed to help TAs develop teaching skills and reflective practice by providing them with opportunities to document their teaching experience, professional development, and constructive use of student feedback.

Jazmin E. Aguilar-Romero Chemistry
Melisa Akan Psychology
John Albright Geology
Kristin Bail Political Science
Sanchari Banerjee Educational Psychology
Agnieszka Joanna Bednarz MATESL; ESL Pogram
Talia Rebecca Berson Psychology
Lucas Buccafusca Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
Elizabeth Coder Education Policy, Organization, & Leadership
Daniel J. DeVinney Communication
Hyo Jin Do Computer Science
Mengyi Dong Food Science & Human Nutrition
Keely Ann Dugan Psychology
Ana Lisa P. Eberline Communication
Adetutu Temitope Fabusoro MATESL; ESL Program
Olufemi K. Fabusoro Nutritional Sciences
Manuel R. Flores III Plant Biology
Marcelino Guerra Economics
Muhammet Mucahit Gumus MATESL; ESL Program
Bayan Hamdan Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
Samantha M. Hammack Comparative Biosciences
Edward Hsieh Entomology
Mingzi Hu (Esther) School of Music
Suyeon Hwang Psychology
Irmak Taylan Karpuzcu Aerospace Engineering
Aleena Khan Political Science
Shaimaa Khanam Communication
Elizabeth King Linguistics; ESL Program
Anna Krokhmal MATESL; ESL Program
Scott Lakeram Plant Biology
Shelby Lawson Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
William Roy Leroux IV MATESL; ESL Program
Lauren Lynch Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Qiuyan Ma Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Tejaswin Parthasarathy Mechanical Science & Engineering
Karthik Pattaje Civil & Environmental Engineering
Mayra Alejandra Saenz Amaguaya Agricultural & Consumer Economics
Sara Saez-Fajardo Spanish & Portuguese
Anna Romaniuk Linguistics; ESL Program
Seung Byum Seo Mathematics
Seunguk Shin Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Yannan Tian Biochemistry
Lauren G. Todorov Geology
April M. Townsend Physics
Belgin Unal Psychology
Akarsh Vankayalapati Computer Science
Min-Fang Wei Agricultural & Consumer Economics
Tawni Williams Animal Sciences; ABE
Na Zhang Agricultural & Consumer Economics

Dr. Sandra J. Finley Teacher Scholar Certificate

The Teacher Scholar Certificate encourages instructors to become scholars of teaching by providing a structured process for the exploration of pedagogy from a  discipline-based perspective.

Kristin Bail Political Science
Allyson G. Box Kinesiology & Community Health
Elizabeth Coder Education Policy, Organization, & Leadership
Madina Khamzina Community Health
Allison O'Dwyer School of Integrative Biology
Valerie Sgheiza Anthropology
Hyo-Won Shin Political Science
Hany Zayed Sociology

Certificate in Technology Enhanced Teaching

The Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching encourages instructors
to explore educational technologies and to practice and assess technology-enhanced teaching.

Irati Hurtado Ruiz Spanish & Portuguese
Emma Verstraete Anthropology
Fikriyah Winata Geography and Geographic Information Science

Teaching Honors

Many of you have been included on the "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students" and we congratulate you. 
The following list is by self-report and may not be complete. 

Jazmin E. Aguilar-Romero
Melisa Akan
John Albright
Kristin Bail
Sanchari Banerjee
Agnieszka Joanna Bednarz
Talia Rebecca Berson
Allyson G. Box
Lucas Buccafusca
Grace Clements
Elizabeth Coder
Thomas DeBerge
Daniel J. DeVinney
Hyo Jin Do
Mengyi Dong
Keely Ann Dugan
Ana Lisa P. Eberline
Adetutu Temitope Fabusoro
Olufemi K. Fabusoro
Michelle L. Farley
Marcelino Guerra
Muhammet Mucahit Gumus
Bayan Hamdan
Edward Hsieh
Mingzi Hu (Esther)

Irati Hurtado Ruiz
Suyeon Hwang
Madina Khamzina
Aleena Khan
Shaimaa Khanam
Anna Krokhmal
Scott Lakeram
Shelby Lawson
William Roy Leroux IV
Lauren Lynch
Qiuyan Ma
Allison O'Dwyer
Tejaswin Parthasarathy
Karthik Pattaje
Sara Saez-Fajardo
Seung Byum Seo
Valerie Sgheiza
Hyo-Won Shin
Lauren G. Todorov
April M. Townsend
Belgin Unal
Min-Fang Wei
Fikriyah Winata
Hany Zayed

Awards from Department or College

The following individuals received awards from their department or college in recognition of their teaching and service, and we commend you for this honor. This list is based on self-report and may not be complete.

Kristin Bail Marvin G. Weinbaum Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching; A. Belden Fields Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant
Allyson G. Box Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award
Adetutu Temitope Fabusoro LAS Student Impact Award
Edward Hsieh MacLeod/Metcalf Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Department of Entomology
Shelby Lawson GAANN Fellowship
Lauren G. Todorov Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Tawni Willilams Ben and Georgeanne Jones Excellence in Teaching

A Note from CITL:

We appreciate the friends, family members, and university colleagues who are sharing in our celebration of the certificate recipients. We would also like to acknowledge the many individuals who support the development of teaching excellence on campus. Their contributions include assisting in the pre-semester training of TAs, mentoring TAs in their teaching responsibilities, and guiding TAs through the certificate process.