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Important Dates

11:30 AM–1:00 PM Wednesday Oct 26, 2016

Room 428 Armory Buildling (Southwest corner of the building)


Junior Faculty Seminar Series: Best Practices to Improve Student Learning

Come join this learning community by participating in this specially designed seminar series for junior faculty, though all are welcomed to participate. We'll share strategies and best practices for effective and efficient teaching. There will be great conversations, handouts, and lunch! Since each session builds on each other, we hope you will be able to attend all the meetings.  

Session 6: 

Maximizing Learning Opportunities in a Multi-Cultural Classroom

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016
11:30 – 1:00
Room 428, Armory Building 

Our student population is becoming more diverse with an increasing number of international students.  Campus-wide we have over 10,800 international students from 119 countries. We are ranked #1 in the nation’s “Top 20 Research Institutions” in our number of international students.  How can we ensure that our international students are successful in our classes?  What are ways in which our domestic students can appreciate the unique backgrounds and experiences their international peers bring? 

Through video vignettes and short cases, we will explore ways in which we can create a positive learning environment for all our students both inside and outside of the classroom walls.

Please mark these sessions on your calendar
11:30 – 1:00 
Room 428, Armory Building

Wed, Sept. 14, 2016  Session 1: “I wish I had known that earlier”: Using Informal (IEF) and Formal (ICES) Feedback to Improve Teaching and Learning

Wed, Sept. 21, 2016  Session 2: Active Teaching = Active Learning: Strategies for Deep Learning and Retention

Wed, Sept. 28, 2016  Session 3: "Opening the Classroom Door” – Opportunities to Observe Exemplary Teachers

Wed, Oct. 12, 2016    Session 4: Effective Questioning Strategies to Improve Student Engagement

Wed, Oct. 19, 2016    Session 5: Creating a Promising Syllabus to Motivate Learning

Wed, Oct. 26, 2016    Session 6: Maximizing Learning Opportunities in a Multi-Cultural Classroom


Cost: No cost for joining the faculty learning community.
Event Source: CITL Calendar

12:00 PM–1:00 PM Wednesday Nov 2, 2016

428 Armory Building (southwest corner of the building)


iFLEX: New Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

iFLEX, which stands for Illinois Flexible Learning Experience, is a new type of classroom on this campus featuring enhanced technologies, increased writing surfaces, and reconfigurable tables and chairs. Join us for an up-close look at what these new features can offer faculty and students. From games and challenges, to shared thinking and writing, multimedia assignments, and 360-degree video, iFLEX classrooms are creating exciting possibilities for active and engaged learning in all disciplines.

Cost: Free
Event Source: CITL Calendar

3:30 PM–5:00 PM Wednesday Nov 2, 2016

Armory Building, room 428


In this workshop we will begin by discussing resources that are available to TAs who are dealing with difficult situations.  We will then ask the TAs how they would deal with these difficult situations themselves and identify the pros and cons of these approaches.

This is a TA-to-TA workshop, designed for TAs and offered by one of CITL's Graduate Affiliates.

Cost: Free, but registration required
Event Source: CITL Calendar

Teaching Certificates

The CITL Teaching Certificate Program is designed to meet the professional development needs and interests of all teachers—faculty, academic professionals, and graduate students—at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Which certificate is right for you?

Graduate Teacher CertificateFor teaching assistants who teach at least two semesters at Illinois.

Certificate in Foundations of TeachingFor graduate students who have limited teaching experience at Illinois.

Teacher Scholar CertificateFor teachers (faculty, APs, and TAs) who teach at least three semesters at Illinois.

Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching: For teachers (faculty, APs, and TAs) who teach at least one semester while investigating an educational technology.

Citizen Scholar CertificateFor teachers (faculty, APs, and TAs)who have the opportunity to teach a service-learning course.