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Advanced Level Exams (A-Levels)

Cutoff Scores, Placement Messages, and Credit Policies for 2020-2021

Proficiency credit is awarded for most A-Level exams on the basis of sufficiently high scores (grades of C and higher) and is subject to change upon annual review. The policies below apply to all students entering the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.

If you take an equivalent course for part of the A-Level at Illinois, only partial credit will be awarded. All grades are posted as "Credit."

New undergraduate students who have not already earned college-level credit in a particular subject are allowed to take the departmental proficiency exam if they wish to try to proficiency out of an introductory course.

Questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. All A-Level credit is processed through Undergrad Admissions. Be sure to ask to speak to an international admissions specialist.

Note that AS Levels are not the same as A Levels. Typically, the syllabus content for an AS-Level course is half the content for an A-Level course. Illinois does not accept AS-Level test scores for either course placement or course proficiency credit.


Course Proficiency (credit hours earned)


BiologyIB 150 (4 hours)
MCB 150 (4 hours)
ChemistryCHEM 202-203 (5 hours)
CHEM 204-205 (5 hours)
CHEM 236-237
Computer ScienceINFO 102 (3 hours)-
ComputingCS 125 (4 hours)-
EconomicsECON 102 (3 hours)
ECON 103 (3 hours)
GeographyGEOG 103 (4 hours)
GEOG 104 (4 hours)
HistoryHIST 1 - - (3 hours)-
Literature in EnglishENGL 1 - - (3 hours)-
MathematicsMATH 220 (5 hours)-
Further MathematicsMATH 225 (2 hours)
MATH 2 - -  (3 hours)
PhysicsPHYS 211 (4 hours)
PHYS 212 (4 hours)
PsychologyPSYC 100 (4 hours)-
SociologySOC 100 (4 hours)-