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Advanced Level Exams (A Levels)

Cutoff Scores, Placement Messages, and Credit Policies for 2016-2017

Proficiency credit is awarded for most A-Level exams on the basis of sufficiently high scores (grades C and above) and is subject to change upon annual review. The policies below apply to all students entering Illinois in Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Spring 2017.

If a student takes an equivalent course for part of the A Level at Illinois, only partial credit will be awarded. All grades will be posted as "credit.”

Questions? All A-Level credit is processed through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please ask to speak to an international admissions specialist.

Please note that “AS Levels” are not the same as “A Levels.” Typically, the syllabus content for an AS Level course is half the content for an A Level course. We do not accept AS Level test scores for either course placement or course proficiency credit.


Course Proficiency (credit hours earned)


Biology MCB 150 (4 hours)
IB 150 (4 hours)
Chemistry CHEM 202-203 (5 hours)
CHEM 204-205 (5 hours)
CHEM 236-237
Computing CS 125 (4 hours) -
Economics ECON 102 (3 hours)
ECON 103 (3 hours)
Geography GEOG 104, or GEOG 103 and 104 (either 4 or 8 hours,
depending on examining board and syllabus)
Mathematics MATH 220 (5 hours) -
Further Math MATH 225 (2 hours)
MATH 2-- (3 hours)
Physics PHYS 211 (4 hours)
PHYS 212 (4 hours)
Psychology PSYC 100 (4 hours) -