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Information for Academic Advisors (last updated March 27, 2017)


Placement Testing

  • Registration for the mid-semester Chinese Placement Test is FULL. If your student is registered but (for whatever reason) cannot keep this commitment, please urge them to log back in here to cancel their registration so that another student might get in. The test is scheduled for this Friday March 31, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. in Room G30 FLB. Excellent performance on this placement test will fulfill the student's Gen Ed LOTE requirement. Walk-ins are not permitted, and registrants who show up without a valid UIUC ID card will not be allowed in to take the test.
  • Science and LOTE placement testing for 2017-2018 will open on May 1.
  • ALEKS PPL Math placement testing for Summer 2017 course enrollment opened on February 13.
  • ALEKS PPL Math placement testing for Fall 2017 course enrollment will open on April 17.


Incoming 2016-2017 students who earned a 3 or higher on any AP exam earn academic credit. As in past years, credit will neither be added to nor taken away from the academic records of currently enrolled students based on the new AP policies. For the credit policies that apply to sophomores, juniors, and seniors (i.e., anyone who is NOT a new, incoming student), please click on the link above.

The legislation that required us to award credit for all AP scores of 3 and higher was further amended to require us to award credit for all IB scores of 4 and higher beginning with the new academic year 2017-2018. The new IB test-based credit policies will be posted in April.

Important Notes

  1. Students who earn test-based credit always have the option to enroll in the UIUC course. Sometimes it is to their advantage to take the actual course, so as to be better prepared for the subsequent course in the subject. Duplicate credit, of course, is not permitted.
  2. All incoming freshmen must take the ALEKS PPL math placement exam. If AP or IB proficiency credit has been posted to a student's academic record, the student is permitted to follow the higher course placement that results from the AP or IB credit if their ALEKS PPL score qualifies them for the higher course.
  3. ALEKS PPL Math placements are valid for four months. Chemistry, physics, and LOTE placement recommendations are valid for one year only, meaning through pre-registration for the student's third semester.

Feel free to call Diana at 265-6248. You may also email If there’s a question about a particular student, please have the UIN handy.