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Student Profiles and Mobius View

The PNP web app allows you to look up an individual student's test score information.

The PNP reports that are available in Mobius View allow you to access chunks of information.

  • Ask your USC for access to Mobius View. Know which report you need (see below).
  • Log in with your netID and password.
  • Though it may say "Loading," you can immediately use the drop-down menu to select "Document Direct and UI2 Report." Click OK.
  • Browse to REPORTS



  • All of the students are grouped by the College to which they have been admitted.
  • The same information that you see in the web app is provided in each daily report - namely, the student's test scores and course placement messages as well as certain demographic details and high school foreign language study.
  • Reports are generated nightly and appear in reverse chronological order.
  • This report is NOT CUMULATIVE. You will find a new report for your College whenever there has been a change in test score data for one of the students in your College.
  • Because students choose when they wish to log in and take their placement exams, this report can get generated as often as every day or as little as once a month. During Summer Registration, you would want to check this report every morning to see if there are any updated results for your students.
  • Select your College (e.g., ACES, LAS). The School of Social Work currently appears as “Unknown" but is being changed.
  • Students are listed alphabetically by last name.
  • In the upper right corner of each page is the date of the evaluation. Because new test score data for a student will generate a new profile for that student, you should shred the older print-out and keep only the newest one.
  • If your student's profile says "No Evaluation Done," it is probably because your student accepted UIUC's offer of admission after we evaluated all test scores on record for all of the new students and then your student did not take any placement exams. Submitting a test score will trigger an evaluation.
  • To download the report, click the arrow in the top menu bar that says “Download.” The default is PDF.