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Student Profiles and Document Direct

NOTE: As of May 2018, Document Direct has been replaced by Mobius View. This webpage will be updated soon with additional information.

  • The PNP Student Profile report has the same information that you see in the online individual PNP Student Profiles, namely the student's test scores and course placement messages as well as certain personal, college, and high school information such as class rank. There is no summary of high school courses taken.
  • The campus’ student profiles are grouped by College. You should look for your students according to your College abbreviation (eg, ACES, LAS). The name for the School of Social Work will get changed from “Unknown” shortly.
  • Your College’s PNP Student Profile report lists each student alphabetically by last name on a separate page.
  • Because students choose when they want to log in and take their placement exams, you should check this report every morning during Summer Registration to see if there are any updated results for your students.
  • The report is generated nightly. When you click on the + sign, you will see a listing of days in reverse chronological order.
  • These reports are NOT CUMULATIVE. You will find a new report for your College whenever there has been a change in test score data for one of the students in your College.
  • In the upper right corner of each page is the date of the evaluation. Because new test score data for a student will generate a new profile for that student, we recommend that you shred the older print-out and keep only the newest one.
  • If your student's profile says "No Evaluation Done," it is probably because your student accepted UIUC's offer of admission after we evaluated all test scores on record for all of the new students and then your student did not take any placement exams. To trigger an evaluation, have them take one of the Online Placement Exams.
  • Please note that the total number of pages of your College’s report appears in the bottom right corner of your Document Direct screen where it says, for example "Section: BUS / Page 1 of 34." This means there are 34 pages in the report for the College of Business, and you are looking at page 1. Go by this page count! Do not go by the page count in the upper right corner of the document itself where it says, for example "Page 142," because this refers to the total number of pages which were generated on that date for all 10 undergraduate Colleges.
  • To save the report on your desktop, click the blue arrow in the top menu bar that says “download.” Be sure to select “Section” rather than “Page” if you want to save the entire report that you are looking at. Depending on the number of pages, you may wish to use the “Compress into ZIP archive format” option. Notice that there are download options. Most people select “PDF.”