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Teaching Evaluation: ICES Online

ICES Online is an entirely web-based student rating system. All Fall 2022 sections will use this system. Instructors will be automatically notified by email once their sections are available. We only load instructors (both faculty and TAs) that have a "Percent of Responsibility" greater than zero in Banner. Departmental schedulers are responsible for entering this information.

While the system will send email reminders to students, it is still very important that instructors also remind students about the online course evaluation. 

The system uses the university's authentication system (NetID & password) to validate instructor, student, and administrator access. ICES Online is housed on a secure server. Those instructors that use ICES Online will still be eligible for the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students and their ratings will appear on ICES Longitudinal Profiles.

Special Notice - The student component of the ICES Online interface was recently revamped to make it convenient to complete ICES forms on mobile devices. This will make it easier to administer ICES Online in class which will help maximize student participation. If you decide to do this, we recommend that it be done at the beginning of class during the last week. All instructors and teaching assistants should leave the classroom during this time.

The ICES Online item catalog has been supplemented with new items pertaining to online courses and the use of technology. To access the list of these items along with the item categories they belong to please click here.