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Teaching Evaluation: ICES Online FAQ
  1. What is ICES Online?

  2. How can I use ICES Online?

  3. How is ICES Online different than ICES?

  4. What if I team teach?

  5. Can I still qualify for the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent if I use ICES Online?

  6. Will my ICES Online results show up on ICES Longitudinal Profiles?

  7. How long are ICES Online evaluations available to students to complete?

  8. How do I view results of my ICES Online evaluations?

  9. Are the results easier to interpret than paper ICES?

  10. How many items can I have on an ICES Online evaluation form?

  11. Are department core items carried over from ICES to ICES Online?

  12. How will my students be notified about ICES Online?

  13. Can I use ICES Online for mid-semester feedback?

  14. If I use ICES Online, will it store my old forms for use in the future?

  15. What if my department orders the online forms for us ("centrally prepared")--do I do anything?

  16. If I release results to my department, what results do they get?

  17. Students need to enter their Net ID and password to fill out forms--is that ever reported back to instructors or departments?