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Placement & Proficiency

Placement Testing

The purpose of the placement exams is to determine what your knowledge and skills are in a subject so we can then recommend an appropriate first course for you from the various options available at Illinois.

All of the online placement exams are made available to all incoming students.  You only have to take the ones you need to take.  Placement testing is NOT NECESSARY if you have never studied the subject. If the subject is completely new to you, you will enroll in its first semester elementary course. 

  • Freshmen, go here to check on which tests you need to take.
  • Transfer students, go here to check on which tests you need to take.
  • Click here to review science and LOTE placement test instructions.
  • Click here to log into the science and LOTE tests.
  • Click here to read about the ALEKS PPL math test and minimum scores for course placement.
  • Click here to log into the ALEKS PPL Math Placement Test. Be sure to select "New Incoming Student."
  • Need to take the Chinese Placement Test? Log in here to register.

Proficiency Testing

The purpose of any proficiency test is to find out whether you have mastered the knowledge and the skills that are taught in a particular course well enough that you are prepared to succeed in the subject’s subsequent courses. If so, you earn credit for the course without actually taking the course.

The advantage to earning proficiency credit is that you get a "jump start" in your academic studies. If you choose to continue studying the subject, you can skip the lower-level course and begin studying at a higher level. If you don't choose to continue studying the subject, you still get the credit and it counts towards graduation.

  • The French Proficiency Exam and the Spanish Proficiency Exam will be offered on August 29, 2017. Click here to sign up.
  • The Japanese Placement Exam and the Korean Placement Exam will be offered on August 25, 2017. The Japanese test will begin at 12:00 noon in Room G20 FLB.  The Korean test will begin at 9:30 a.m. in Room G27 FLB.  Click here to sign up. You should allow two hours to complete the test. Strong performance on these tests does NOT earn course credit, but it CAN fulfill the General Education LOTE requirement.
  • A Chinese Placement Test will be offered at the start of Fall semester. You must register in advance. Click here to sign up.

Learn more about proficiency testing and course credit.